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Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time for dropshippers to market on TikTok.

If you’re a dropshipper, it’s safe to say that you will want to utilize social media for your marketing. Especially the video app that’s popular with the shoppers these days called TikTok.

In case you’re not hip, TikTok is the premier destination for short-form mobile video. The company’s mission statement is to “inspire creativity and create joy.” Perfect, considering your products do the exact same thing for your customers!

TikTok has access to a huge portion of the youth internationally. In fact, 41 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 24. So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, time is ticking.

Users on the app create these wicked silly and colorful videos. In these clips, users typically lip-sync, dance, or prank their grandmas.

The short of it, if Snapchat and Vine had a baby it would be a wonderful healthy offspring named TikTok.

Now finding marketing opportunities on this app is where your creativity comes in. Though if you need a little help getting started on how to market on TikTok, you should read on.

In this article, dropshippers will learn how to recognize marketing opportunities within videos. From videos showcasing a dance routine to challenge trends to a dog skateboarding on two legs, marketing opportunities on TikTok are everywhere within the millions of 15 second clips on the app.

Tiktok Marketing Dropshipping

Create a Profile and Become a Superstar.

The most basic way to market your product is by creating a profile on the app and posting original content.

The way marketing with a profile works is this: you make a profile, you create content featuring your product, and then you build an audience.

The challenge with creating original content featuring your product is literally keeping up with the kids. Video trends on TikTok pass faster than your granddaughter’s childhood.

Therefore, to market on TikTok with a profile entails constant engagement on the app and creating consistent original content.

For example, let’s say you sell hiking products and you want to advertise these new hiking boots that just went live.

Instead of filming a standard clip showcasing your boot’s features, film a dance challenge while wearing them.

You or a model could be dancing at a summit of a mountain in the video. Then the caption could say, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I buy it…like my new hiking boots.”

In a survey, 61 percent of participating TikTockers agreed that they tend to buy from brands they see advertised.

After you post the video on your brand’s profile, your product is then organically broadcasted to a loyal niche following. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

To be real though, while this method is basic it also takes a long time and isn’t always a guaranteed success.

Additionally, it can be hard to market a product without sounding like a commercial and no one likes commercials.

The key to creating your own TikTok content is to just have fun and show off your passion. If your hiking boots are the best ever, dance and show the world!

The more genuine you are, the more this type of marketing will work in your favor.

Tiktok Ad

You can pay for official TikTok Ads

Sometimes it’s just easier to pay someone to do the job. Even when it comes to advertising.

TikTok will advertise your product in several offered formats. The short form video app offers pre-roll ads, in-feed ads, promoted hashtag challenges, and branded effects.

This more direct form of advertising will get your products out there in the TikTok universe, but it’ll cost a pretty penny.

To utilize TikTok’s inhouse advertising, you need at least $500 to start a campaign. Then, it’s an additional $10 per CPM (cost per 1,000 views).

One thing to note about how to market on TikTok is that it’s primary purpose is to entertain its users. It is not used for communication like Instagram or Facebook.

So if you have that type of money and are entertaining, then TikTok advertising is a good way to go.

Tiktok Influencer

Team up with an Influencer

Ah, product placement. One of the oldest tricks in the book.

Okay, so sponsoring an influencer isn’t really product placement, but it could be.

Instead of starting from ground zero by creating a profile and building followers, sponsor someone within your niche who already has a large following and knows what they’re doing.

Not only do you not have to worry about building a following, but the influencer creates original content too.

Let’s use the hiking products example.

Send the influencer products that you want more attention on, like that new waterproof rain jacket you just got in.

Tell your influencer that you want to show off the jacket’s amazing waterproof feature in a creative way. The influencer might know of a current trend that could show off the jacket’s best feature seamlessly.

Such as the previous #GravityChallenge.

One of the larger cons about TikTok is there is no way to send the viewers directly to your product. Like Instagram, you can’t post clickable links in the TikTok descriptions.

Though that’s another way your hired influencer can help you.

When working with the super popular xoP0PULARGurlox with 6 trillion followers, require her to post the link in their profile bio. It’s not a direct line to your website, but at least your link is accessible.

Shoppable Video

Then There's the Shoppable Videos

Right – so TikTok is testing this feature for a trial. Hopefully it passes because this would be optimal for dropshippers to market on TikTok.

The shoppable videos on the app are very similar to the ‘swipe up’ feature and shoppable videos on Instagram.

The premises basically is a video with an accessible link directing the user to the product’s website.

Word on the street is that this feature is not available yet to wider audiences. If you want our advice, keep an eye out for this feature because we think that it could be a game changer for entrepreneurs.

What’s Next On the list?

There are so many aspects of your business to keep track of but it can all be a success story with a little help.

You’ve got your name and product down, so check that off the list.

You’re using Shop1 for your online marketplace and to help with the back end of your business, like designing a website, vetting reliable suppliers, and busy work. So, that’s another big check off the list.

And lastly, you want to market your product on social media gargantuan TikTok. After this article, check it off the list!

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