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Patrick wanted to have his own business, but had financial barriers.  He had just had a baby and he was the sole monetary provider in his house.  His 9-5 job was taking care of the bills, but there wasn’t much left over and Patrick knew that he wanted more from his situation.  He started looking into what it would take to have his own eCommerce store.  

It would let him work from home so he could help out with the baby more and Patrick knew he could make more as an entrepreneur.  After doing his research, he discovered the answer to his search:  Dropshipping!  Let’s take a look at what Patrick found out.

1. The Way Regular eCommerce Stores Work:

Assuming that you have created your own Shop1 store already, you can tell how much money you’ve saved on software development, so we will skip this part.  Let’s look at how a normal ecommerce store works in comparison to dropshipping.  

The first thing to worry about after establishing your store platform is getting products.  Without any products, you have nothing to sell.  And that is the whole point of your store, right?  

Product and supplier management is very involved, and takes time. With a normal ecommerce store you would need to order the products in bulk and store them until the item sells, IF the product sells.  Ordering products in bulk is an expensive upfront cost for something that may or may not sell.  If the product doesn’t sell you are stuck with inventory that you will have to sell at a loss. This requires storage capacity, which is expensive.  

Also, many suppliers charge fees for their service and then comes the time and cost of shipping the items to the customer.  Imagine taking 1000 packages to your local shipping store.  This makes the normal ecommerce model difficult for the everyday person. So, what is the solution to this?

2. Here comes dropshipping to the rescue:

Dropshipping solves most of these problems. Dropshipping with Shop1 solves all of these problems. Because now the supplier directly ships the product to your customer’s door, you are not stuck with any inventory or having to ship the product yourself. This saves on storage costs, time, shipping, and solves the problem of being stuck with unsold merchandise. Saving yourself time is way more valuable that you might think. 

You get your spare bedroom back, and have more time to market your business. And because Shop1 takes care of supplier management and shipping, all you have to do is select which products you want to sell in your store and PRESTO!  

You have a functional store ready to go loaded with products from American suppliers that can deliver the products within days. How easy is that?

3. Beneficial things to do with your resource savings:

Well, now you can take all of those resources you would have put into the behind the scenes processes and put it into marketing to your customers. 

This is where you as an entrepreneur get to shine and focus on making your business and business values known in the world. To drive traffic to your amazing store, you have to let people know it is there and why they should shop with you. 

The marketing strategies that you discover and use plus having the products that match will help convert that customer traffic into sales. There are multiple avenues of marketing available to dropshippers to make this happen and we will cover marketing and advertising in more detail in other blogs.

Like Patrick, now you can see what makes dropshipping so exciting and such a wonderful opportunity for everyone. Being an entrepreneur is a freedom that previously not everyone has been able to enjoy and sometimes it just takes having the right tools and opportunity. 

Dropshipping gives you this opportunity to work for you. It is an opportunity to create a lifestyle, a business, an income, and a passion that fits you.  

Entrepreneurship has been the heart of the American Dream for years, and through dropshipping more of us can reach out and have that dream for ourselves. 

If you have created your online store, then it’s time for you to browse around your dashboard on admin.shop1.com and explore all of the American-supplied inventory and figure out what you’d like to add and sell on your store.  

If you haven’t created your store, what are you waiting for? Pat did it from home, and so can you. Start your journey towards the American Dream today. Happy dropshipping!

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Laurel Price
Laurel Price