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At Shop1, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs to succeed. That’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to Pledge 1%.

What is Pledges 1%?

Pledge 1% is a growing global movement aimed at creating a whole new normal. That new normal is one in which giving back becomes an expected, integrated part of every company’s culture/ The movement is working to encourage businesses and individuals alike to pledge 1% of their profit, products, and the time of their employees back to their local communities.

There are 4 types of pledges that companies can choose to make. They include a pledge of 1% of product or profits to a charity of their choosing or a donation of equity totaling 1%. The fourth pledge option is a donation of employee time, through volunteering directly with charitable organizations.

Companies can do this by giving their money and/or time to any local, national, or global cause of their choosing. The pledge is just that; a broad promise to give back in some way.

To date, more than 8,500 companies in over 100 countries have taken the pledge.

Why Take the Pledge?

Many companies donate time, money, and other resources without taking a pledge through Pledge 1%. But the organization encourages pledges for a number of reasons.

To start, it is a simple way of making your intentions known to customers and staff alike, so that the company can be held responsible and hold themselves responsible for their promise to give back. It sets a standard minimum for how much should be donated. The 1% minimum is the perfect choice for businesses large and small. It’s not out of reach for new businesses, and the amount donated will grow alongside the business.

Finally, Pledge 1% provides a variety of turnkey resources to help businesses learn best practices for donations, choosing organizations to give to, encouraging giving within their organization, and more.

Shop1 Pledge 1%

Shop1 has decided to take the Pledge 1% challenge. We have pledged to give back to organizations we are passionate about with both a donation of money and of time.

We will be seeking out organizations to donate to with missions that align with our own; a desire to empower entrepreneurs.

It’s something that we do every day. Our accessible dropshipping platform makes it easy for anyone to make their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and opening their online store a reality. Whether you had advanced business training or not, our tools make it easy to do everything from launching a website to sourcing products to creating happy customers.

True to Pledge 1% guidelines, we’ll be searching for ways to make the most of our donations right from the start.

Who Can Take the Pledge?

If you’ve used Shop1 to launch your own online business, you might be thinking about giving back to your community. Luckily, anyone can take the Pledge 1% pledge!

Even if you aren’t able to donate 1% of your profits or products at this time, you can still make a commitment to giving back to your community. Donating your time is a great way to do so if that 1% amount is out of reach at this time.

Shop1 Business

Launching Your Own Business

Shop1’s pledge to give back is just another example of how we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs. If you haven’t taken the leap to launch your own business yet, there’s never been a better time.

Start browsing some of our top dropshipping products today to get inspired to open your very own online store.

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