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Profits & Products

Setting your profits and product Edits made easy
The point of selling a product is to make money. This is how you will set your profit margins and edit your prouct keywords to help maximize sales for your Shop1 store.

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What’s in the video?

Can’t play the video right now? Don’t worry, we got your back! Go through the step by step video transcription below and learn about each and every single step we covered.


Set your
Profit on products:

  • Once you log into your account the first thing that you’re going to see will be the main dashboard
  • From there you’re going to click on products, entire catalog, and click Add to Shop on the item to add the item to your store
  • Now select edit on the item you wish to edit
  • You will see an option to customize the product listing and set your profits
  • Look at product pricing from non-large corporate companies to determine your price points relative to the item cost


Juice up 
Your product SEO

Search Engine Optimization. What is it, and why should anyone care?  Think about when you last typed a keyword to search for something.  That keyword you typed triggered that product or site listing to show up based off of the content on their sites.


Sounds like something you want to do with your products too, right?  You can, right from the same screen on the Shop1 dashboard.  You can edit product keywords and relevant information to help get your products some more search engine love.

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