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What’s in the video?

Can’t play the video right now? Don’t worry, we got your back! Go through the step by step video transcription below and get to know about each and every single step we covered.


Set your
commission on the products:

  • Once you first log into your account the first thing that you’re going to see will be the main dashboard
  • From there you’re going to click on products, entire catalog, and check the box on the item to add the item to your store
  • Now go to my products and select edit on the item you wish to edit
  • For example the price of the product is $39.54 right now at 0% commission you’re not getting anything.
  • How you’ll set your commission? let’s just say you want to receive 20% commission you type in 20 and then it will go ahead and it will take that commission off of the original cost it’ll multiply it by 1.2 to give you that 20% commission there.
  • You can also set all of your keywords and product descriptions in this page as well
  • Before you get off of this page you’ll want to scroll down make sure that the status on this product is set and checked so it does show up in your store and then you press save

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