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Is dropshipping a part-time gig for you?  Is your goal to generate a passive residual income or create a recognizable brand?  This is great planning. I wish I had. Especially while in college. I had to lean on my parents financially to get through.  I was out of the house, yet was not independent.  

Well, the good news is that this can be solved by precisely what you are doing. Sometimes people who dropship are doing it just for the extra income, to help them get over the top.  There are professions where passionate and skilled people are needed but the money is just not there in those position

Here are some dropshipping tips and best practices tips to help you take your existing dropshipping store to the next level, maximize profits and increase conversions.  You might have read about some of these before. But they are important enough for us to state them again.

Monitor The competition

Keep an eye on your competitors

1. Monitor your competitors

Monitor what your competitors are doing to mark their online presence on:

  • Social media
  • Blog articles
  • Website

We have covered this previously, but it is so important and beneficial that we want to say it again.  This analysis will give you a fair indication of the demographic and how engaging their content is. This lets you know where you are in terms of content and advertising.  

It will save you money and time as well as you can avoid certain missteps or find a new avenue to go down that is more effective. If you are doing this part-time, you don’t have the time to not research this.

Pricing tips

Undercutting your competitor’s prices can hurt you more

2. Do not undercut your prices due to competitors

This is a crucial mistake when running a business.  Sometimes you will not have the lowest prices. It will happen.  Competing against Amazon in terms of price is a losing battle. Quite Frankly, you will just lose money on the advertising costs if you do this  This can be overcome though.

If you offer quality products and price them fairly, you will find customers. Swift customer service, hassle-free returns and refund policy, personalized packaging etc, all add to an enhanced shopping experience, and customers will not mind paying an extra buck for it.  Shop1 helps with that, so you can take that stress off of your plate

Staying engaged with customers

Engage your target audience

3. Engage with existing and potential customers on social media

 To stay relevant, you must stay engaged.  Stay active on social media. Stay active on Dropshipping forums.  Post your own comments and answer others. Mention your store. This shows you are knowledgeable and builds trust.  Engage your audience with questions and engage their answers. People notice these things and it builds

trust and a relationship


Automation is your friend

4. Automate Your Website

Dropshipping is the fastest way to earn passive revenue these days.  And for you, this is a part-time business. Automating your dropshipping website will be of great help in terms of time. With Shop1, we have done most of the automation for you.  We will help give insights, provide you with the data analytics, and handle the back end stuff to free up your time so that you can focus on more critical advertising processes that require your own touch.  This will allow you to optimize to rest of your time.

Stop, drop, and dropship!

Do not cut corners, follow the tips above and reap the benefits of having your own online business. 

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Laurel Price
Laurel Price