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Running an online dropshipping business is not limited to sourcing and dropshipping products to the customers only. The potential customers should have a clear picture of your dropshipping store, especially its product/service offerings. Out of the numerous dropshipping business sites which the possible visitors explore, your website should get their attention by attracting the maximum eyeballs.

Having vague product descriptions will leave your potential customers hesitant and at the catch 22 situation to purchase from you. As a result, you might lose out on a sale, that can thereby increase your website’s bounce rate as well.

Any content that you add to your dropshipping website, including product descriptions, always remain pivotal marketing tools to gain customer attention. Such content will prove helpful for you to connect with your future customers. Such customers should feel an urge to buy your products upon reading their descriptions.

It is how they develop an interest in your products and gradually turn into your loyal customers. In this article, you will get acquainted with how to write product descriptions that sell and what are their unique attributes to propel your business toward the path to success.

What is Product Description?

A product description is a short description copy used to define a particular product that even a non-specialist can understand better. 

It explains the various benefits of a specific product in a comprehensive yet straightforward and appealing language without any technical jargon. Such descriptions convince potential customers to make an informed purchase decision. 

Therefore, a product description should highlight the production values in terms of its usage, exclusive features, and the benefits that a customer can avail. 

Therefore, it is essential to write a product description meticulously, which should attract potential customers. 

However, marketers most often oversee the vast importance of product descriptions by restricting them to just specifications of the products they are willing to sell. Resultantly, customers aren’t convinced enough to purchase such products. So, how do you write a description of products and services? Let’s have a look:

How Do You Write a Product Description That Appeals to Everybody?

While writing a product description, several content writers and marketers often make the blunder of solely sticking to the manufacturers’ reports. 

The manufacturer-stated stories are hardcore technical, formal, and filled with numerous jargon that a general reader hardly takes an interest in reading. 

They aren’t appealing enough to spark an interest in the mind of customers. A good product description should be creative to touch the pain points of customers. The question is still here how do you write a catchy product description that should prove convincing? 

Here are the nine ways through which you can write creative product descriptions:

1. Focus on Your USP

From your potential customers’ perspective, your product is just another product that he/she has come across on an eCommerce platform. For your potential customers to get excited about that particular product you are willing to sell, you must showcase how your product will act as a one-stop solution to buying needs with its distinct features. 

Give prime importance to your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to stand out from your competitors’ products.

Let’s take a t-shirt product description example. Supposing you have a drop ship clothes store that sells print-on-demand t-shirts. You can highlight the main features and aspects like dropshipping suppliers in the USA with fast shipping, patented ink, or unique attributes. 

Adding such depths to your product descriptions will help your products sell like hotcakes.

2. Customize According to Your Target Audiences:

Remember one thing that while you write a product description, having uniformity might not always be the best option to choose. 

Any uniform and formal product description won’t catch the attention of your potential customer every time. It would help if you projected maximum creativity with the personalized approach to let your potential customers develop a sense of belongingness.

Your future customers should feel that your product speaks to them and their needs. Use content that fits the tone of your target audience instead. 

They should be able to connect with your products’ offering by making it buyable.

3. Please Don't Follow the Manufacturer's Descriptions

Manufacturers are more focused on the manufacturing aspects of products they are manufacturing. Marketing or product promotion may not be their strong suit. A manufacturer’s product description will provide you with all the relevant information related to that particular product. 

However, it may not be successful enough to pique your potential customer’s interest when selling the product in the market. 

You should have a creative approach to the product descriptions you are creating. Think of catchy headlines or an out of the box idea to attract your customers’ attention. 

Also, look through some of the product and service description samples available beforehand to set them as the benchmarks before framing your product descriptions.

4. Mention All the Benefits

Usually, marketers restrict their product descriptions to the uses and respective products’ features. 

However, customers always look for how products are going to benefit them in all respects. Mentioning the benefits of products will influence their decision to purchase them. 

They will weigh a product’s benefit with their buying needs and decide whether to buy. Make sure that services touch the pain points of your potential customers. 

They should feel convinced that your product is a perfect solution to all their problems.

5. Use Bullet Points

No matter how intriguing your product description is, it won’t attract the attention of any of your targeted customers if it’s not structured correctly.

Imagine visiting a website that has product descriptions in long and never-ending paragraphs. Customers may not feel like reading the whole stuff due to the length of sections used in their product descriptions. 

Use bullet points when you have to highlight the most important parts like the USP or the benefits of the particular product you are introducing before a customer. 

Bullet points help in keeping your product descriptions crisp and precise. Highlighting the crucial sections through bullet points will make it easier for your customers to scan through them. 

It will appeal to them to make a buying decision without any further delay.

6. Tell a Story

What is better to engage your customers than a backstory of the product? Customers are intrigued when they read the stories related to the history, origin, inspiration, etc., of the product to sell. 

Such actions create an emotional appeal in your potential customers’ minds, which increases their resonance with the brand. It all happens as your appealing description imprints in their minds. 

Product description writing examples focus remains on how to tackle the plastic crisis with the local communities. They also tell the local women’s stories who help them curate environmentally friendly products for their customers.

7. Entice Them with Sensory Words:

When you think of it, how to write product descriptions that sell, sensory words will help you stand out. Sensory words pertain to the descriptive terms which define how to hear, see, smell, touch, or taste a particular product. Indeed, sensory words bring more personality and depth into your product descriptions.

They engage your brain’s processing power by providing a virtual experience of the product. Let your potential customers feel that belongingness and attachment. 

For example, if you sell chocolates, you may describe how creamy and velvety the texture is. You may also talk about the enriching experience that your customer will feel once they take a bite into it.

8. Use Keywords

Keywords help you in driving more traffic to your website even though the product descriptions. Some great ways to add keywords are through product titles and bullet points. 

When adding your keywords to product descriptions, make sure that they flow in the content naturally. Always refrain from adding too many keywords because such an unnecessary keyword stuffing approach could mar the whole effort.

9. Add References and Testimonials

When a potential customer is hesitant to buy a product, they seek proof to justify their purchases. Several customers rely heavily on the reviews and testimonials before making their own buying decisions. 

Adding product reviews gives more credibility to products; therefore, it will certainly increase your conversions probability.

In the Nutshell

When it comes to writing product descriptions for e-commerce dropshipping websites, knowing your target audience is pivotal and mandatory. 

Your product description should create an appeal to convince the potential customers that their decision to purchase your product is an apt and genuine one. Portray how passionate you are about the products you sell to them. 

You may begin with a catchy headline or your product’s USP to make it more intriguing and describe further as if speaking what they think of it and wanted to find. 

Several USA-based Dropshipping website tools will provide you with creative product description templates for your exploration. Keep those in mind while drafting yours to attract your audience’s attention. 

You may also look for the product description generators or download the product description example pdfs for your reference. Such resources will help you customize your product descriptions according to your target segments.

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Daniel Radman
Daniel Radman