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The World’s Only All-in-One Dropshipping Platform

Shop1 gives you everything you need to build a functional online business: from an e-commerce website to U.S. based supplier products to order fulfillment; all automated. When you sign up for free today, you get access to the …

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With your potential customers being in the United States, providing them with a seamless shopping and delivery experience is a vital part of your long-term business success. The truth is, it is not 2015 anymore. Online shoppers now expect fast & quality shipping times in proper packaging. 2-week-long international shipping periods no longer fly among your average American buyers.

Shop1’s goal is to provide a dropshipping platform that truly enables entrepreneurs to succeed in the ever-growing online retail industry of America. Sourcing you products from local suppliers in the u.s. means …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most important and commonly asked questions about how you can start a dropshipping business store with Shop1. Wondering about something else? Chat with us!

What is Shop1?

Shop1 is the only all-in-one dropshipping platform on the market.  Shop1 provides high quality eCommerce stores backed by products from USA-based suppliers. Everything from website design, maintenance, supplier management, and payment processing to order processing is handled by Shop1 automatically; so, you can focus on building a business and not building a website!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a simple online business model where orders from your store are sent to the supplier and the supplier ships the product right to your customer’s door for you.  You don’t have to touch the product at all and are able to focus on marketing your store to generate profits.

Can I get a free trial/demo?

Absolutely! You can get full access to your website and our entire catalog of dropshipping products. Go to https://shop1.com/get-started/ and follow the 3 easy steps to create your trial account.

Are all of the suppliers based in the United States?

Yes! Shop1's supplier network is individually vetted for reliability, quality, and shipping guidelines as well. You can rest assured knowing that our Supplier Relations team is taking care of all communications, sales tax requirements and shipment controls.

How often is the inventory updated?

Inventory management is done constantly based on information provided to Shop1 by our suppliers. Generally, we update the inventory records twice a day.

Are there any processing fees?

Contrary to other solutions like Shopify, Shop1 does not charge any additional fees per sale. The cost you see on the products represents your true cost. Your profit margin is exactly what you set it to be.
You can view all plans and pricing at https://shop1.com/pricing/.

What do I do when I receive an order?

You do not have to do anything at all.  Shop1 processes the orders and makes sure that your order is sent to the appropriate suppliers ... automatically. When the supplier ships the order, Shop1 will notify your customer on your behalf through email and provides the tracking information (if applicable).

Can I sell my own products through Shop1?

Yes! You can sell your own products and the dropshipping products through your Shop1 store. You will be responsible for the shipping and handling of your products, of course.

Do I get to set my own profit margins?

Yes. Your store will have a default profit margin of 30%, however you can change this or change it per product to better suit your marketing goals.

Who pays the sales taxes?

Shop1 makes sure that the correct sales taxes are collected and paid to the correct government entities for all of the dropshipping products. No action is required from your end.

Do I pay for shipping?

No, Shop1 handles the shipping cost calculation and charges. No action is required from your end.

Can I sell a range of products instead of just one niche of product?

Yes. However, most dropshippers experience more success staying within their niche and not overextending their product selection.
When you create your Shop1 store, regardless of what niche you select, you will have access to the Entire Catalog of all suppliers and niches.

What are your shipping and processing times?

It can be slightly different from one supplier to another. Most suppliers ship the items within 1 business day of the order being placed. Shipments are delivered by UPS, USPS, or FedEx and typically get delivered within 5 business days.

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