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This can all be challenging at first. Sometimes frustrating. ESPECIALLY when you are your own boss.  And sometimes this means we all need a little extra motivation.  It happens to everyone. We go through it ourselves. As such, we want to help.  Humor me for a second.

Now for a moment, just imagine this:

You’ve just woken up while on your dream vacation.  You are sipping your morning brew and eating your favorite breakfast food.  You log into your app to see how your store is doing. Turns out you had yet another amazing sales day.  You are financially independent, have a great retirement fund, and STILL have enough left over to fully enjoy this vacation.  Sounds like someone gets to splurge on their activities today!!

This is entirely possible, depending on you. Keep up the hard work, because you are walking the path to turn from dreamer to doer.  And you can do this.

Success!!! You can do it!!!

Success!!! Go for it, this could be you!

Here are some extra tips on how to staying motivated and in the zone

  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • Set small goals to meet on the way to your big goal
  • Take small 10 min breaks throughout the work day to avoid burnout<
  • Write down what personal goals you have that you hope to reach by doing this
  • Use positive actions and thoughts
  • Don’t let yourself make excuses
  • Don’t multitask – give your full attention to one task at a time
  • Set small rewards for yourself along the way
  • Stay organized 
It may seem like these little things don’t make a huge difference, but they do.  The little things are what enables you to do the big things.
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Laurel Price
Laurel Price