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Google Business Shopping

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Is Google Shopping Free?

Advertising encircles around optimizing your website and driving sales using the most cost-effective mechanism in the current context. With the limited resources available for new dropshippers, it becomes difficult to choose from the multitude of online channels offering to advertise your business. Fortunately, Google Shopping presents ample opportunity for business owners to advertise their products for almost free.

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Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping and how it works?

Google shopping is an advertising platform which facilitates the businesses with the most suitable interface to list their products on Google’s Search Index to appear on various web pages such as Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Search and Google Lens et al.
Any business having a website or an online retail presence can advertise on Google Shopping through the standard and enhanced listings, providing the shoppers with a high-quality search experience. Through its platform, Google Shopping ads use an algorithm that extracts information from your website’s product feed that comprises the data pertaining to the product id, title, link, image link, price and availability.
Google in turn returns this information to the prospective customers’ search queries by making your product pop up in the form of an ad thus appear in Google searches and shopping tabs.
For example, if you’re an electronics retailer who sells Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, your product will appear in the search results for the Bluetooth Wireless Earphones through Google Shopping’s algorithm. Additionally, linking your website to Google Shopping ensures that Google redirects the prospective customer to your website or product page when they click on the ad.
Google Shop Services

Why opt for Google Shopping?

Google shopping allows the customers to search for, compare and also shop the choicest products which are present in Google’s database by acting as a comparison-shopping engine. Here are numerous benefits of Google Shopping:

Great Exposure

Unlike search ads which limit the products’ description to texts, customers get a more engaging experience by being immediately able to view the product’s images, descriptions and also the prices. Google shopping helps in acquiring a superior spot on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The customer is more likely to click on your ad if it’s on top of the SERP.

1. Free Product Listings:

One of the various changes that are triggered by the ongoing COVID global pandemic is that Google Shopping enabled a platform for free listings as well. However, free listings are only applicable to businesses in the United States. Businesses seeking structured data mark-ups for their website could resort to the paid listings.

2.More Credible Source

With the several benefits which Google offers to its clients, this 22-year-old company provides you with a colossal base of loyal customers. When Google advertises a product, it presents an ad with more credibility which in turn increases the ad’s likelihood of conversion through loyal customers.

3.Tailor-Made Ads:

When a customer puts in a search query, Google extracts the data from the product feeds and also customizes the ads pertaining to the individual customer’s searches. Such customized ads provide customers with a more streamlined shopping experience to enjoy.

What is the Cost of Listing Products on Google Shopping?

As of April 27th 2020, advertising products on Google Shopping is free for the vendors who are located in and selling inside the United States. Free listings require the vendors to submit an optimized product feed to Google through the Google Merchant Center. Enhanced listings are more comprehensive and content-rich as well. Though free listings will improve your product’s visibility, paid or enhanced listings will prove more effective in boosting traffic therefore driving the sales. However, running an ad campaign through Google AdWords is still not free.

How to Create Your Google Shopping Account?

When it comes to creating and operating your Google Shopping Account, you don’t need to have any prior Digital Marketing background. Here’s a step by step guide to do the needful smoothly to avail its innumerable benefits:
  • Sign up on Google Merchant Center through https://merchants.google.com/. Ensure to have a Google Account before signing up;
  • Enter your Business Name, Business Country and Time Zone;
  • Select where you want your customers to check out from-directly on your website, at your local store, or even at Google;
  • Select which tools you use. E.g. Shopify, PayPal, etc.
  • Set up the surfaces across Google by adding your products, tax information, shipping, etc.
  • Set up the shopping actions such as return, shipping and promotions, etc.
  • Verify your website and review policies stated by Google Merchant Center.
Google ADS Shopping

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads or Google AdWords, is a paid advertising platform which enables the vendors to advertise their products on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google and the websites which are linked to Google Ad Display Network and Google AdSense. Google Ads are used for the purpose of remarketing, conversion optimization, banner ads, etc., more of which will be covered later.


In the digital era today, Google shopping remains hassle-free and a truly effective tool for the vendors looking to list their products on Google. Being available in over 90 countries, it helps in reaching out to the customers globally. In addition to boosting traffic, businesses also get comprehensive insights into their strategies. For the entrepreneurs seeking more qualified traffic and higher conversions, Google Shopping will definitely prove to be an efficacious advertising tool.

Final Thoughts

Starting a dropshipping business is something that many are exploring. It’s a meta method of building a passive income. If you are anxious to get started, you’ve come to the right place.

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