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promote your Shop

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6 Strategies To Promote Your Shop1 Business

You’ve done everything to optimize your dropshipping eCommerce page on Shop1. You’ve carefully listed and described all your product offerings. You’ve strategically studied the pricing of your competitors and have selected competitive prices. You’ve ensured that the shipping process and all disclaimers are carefully thought out and available for shoppers to read. Now, there’s just one thing missing – customers. 

It takes more than just great prices and awesome products to secure customers. You must have a strategy to draw customers to your page. This strategy must also outline ways to keep your customers. This brief article will take a look at 6 ways to promote your online shop.

promote your Shop

1. Leverage Your Current Network

Chances are you already have a following on social media. This following coupled with people you know offline can serve to be a great initial boost for your business. Strategically promote your shop and offerings to your followers and friends. 

You can make them aware of your products by posting a link to your Shop1 online store on their feed. Think of which of your products will be great for a particular friend and share the product directly with them. If your website has recently launched, you can add a special coupon for them being among the first to use your services. This will give you an even higher conversion rate. 

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users across the globe. This makes Facebook advertising campaigns very impactful and far-reaching. If you desire to have great traffic and conversion on your Shop1 page, you must leverage the advertising feature of social media websites like Facebook. Facebook, as well as other social media platforms like Instagram, and Pinterest give you the opportunity to narrow down who exactly you want your ads to appear before. 

What makes these platforms incredible is the access that they give you to analyze the progress of your ad campaign.  You are able to see how effective it has been so far. This information can prove very useful for future marketing campaigns. 

advertising dropshipping

3. Tap into The Power of Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials 

It is a well-known fact that people are often more willing to purchase when another person shares positive feedback on a product. Of course, a friend sharing positive feedback has much more impact than a stranger; however, when it comes to buying online, the reviews of others carry a lot of weight. It would prove very beneficial if you encourage your satisfied customers to leave feedback and give testimonials.

Shoppers are typically skeptical about the quality of products that are newly being promoted to them. If you leverage existing customer reviews, ratings and testimonials from satisfied customers, you will be able to help them over that mountain of doubt. Seeing that others have benefited from your product and were happy with their purchase will lead new clients to trust you.


Reviews-Ratings-Testimonials ​

4. Start a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Blog

Blogs can be used to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Blogs are considered to be among the top 5 most trusted sources of information on the internet. It falls just behind news sites, Facebook, major retail sites and YouTube. Utilizing blog marketing can save you a lot of money while helping you reach your target market. 

One of the primary benefits of blog marketing is that it helps you to build your audience. Using blogs is another way to develop trust from members of your niche. Maintaining a vibrant blog gives you the opportunity to employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

SEO is a set of skills that authors and web developers apply to content to help generate organic and free traffic. The better you use SEO is the higher your website will appear on a search engine’s results page. It is inevitable that having more people come to your page will increase your sales odds. 


5. Identify Where Your Niche Hangs Out Online and Offline 

If you want to influence people to visit your website and become one of your loyal customers, you must consider their habits such as where they hang out both physically and digitally. Too often, we expect that by making a website and designing it well everybody will run to it. It takes more than this. It would do you well if you spend the time to learn where your niche gathers physically. For example, if you are in the tech community, you cannot afford to have a staging of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) miss you. Your presence at such events will give you the opportunity to network.

People within a certain niche tend to follow the same leaders or similar communities and channels. These leaders in the digital realm are called influencers. You will be able to find and target members of your niche if you visit the pages of the leading influencers of your niche. 

You will also find your potential customers relating to and asking similar questions on forums. Because of this, it would benefit you  to visit forums such as Quora and Medium and respond to questions relevant to your market. 

6. Encourage Customers and Visitors to Join Mailing List 

You have a very tight window to keep your customers when they visit your website. invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. You will need to carefully think of a strategy to make subscribing attractive. One way to do this is to offer a percentage off their first purchase if they subscribe. 

You can also incentivize the request by making them aware of the latest products that you have to offer before others. Another approach that works well is to give people an opportunity to win a prize if they opt in to sign up for your email list.


By consistently applying these six strategies you can achieve tremendous success with your online store. These tactics will take committed effort; however, it will all be worth it. Take the step today to implement these tips and grow your Shop1 business to its full potential.
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