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Commencing eCommerce businesses involve high set up, operational, marketing, and financial costs. Not all business owners are resourceful enough to source adequate funds to cater to the business needs. Hence, Shop1 provides a platform for all those aspiring entrepreneurs to operate their dropshipping store with minimal investments impossible.

Shop1 is the only all-in-one dropshipping platform in the world that aims to provide a fully automated end-to-end solution for dropshipping businesses.

All aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start selling through dropshipping can do so through the Shop1 platform. It is because; Drop shipping is a good business model for beginners.

Businesses can access tens of thousands of dropshipping products at Shop1. With all USA drop shippers’ products, we ensure that product quality and shipping are top-notch. Bid adieu outsourcing products from foreign countries. Shop1 gives you a fully functional website with exclusive functions to enjoy. Businesses can execute their business plan by focusing on multiple aspects such as email marketing, social media marketing, Facebook Ads, etc. Entrepreneurs need not spend months setting up their stores or writing product descriptions. Shop1 takes care of all other paramount functions for you.

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Creating Your Website at Shop1

At Shop1, you need not be an expert on how to create a dropshipping website. Our simplified dropshipping platform ensures that you build a quality website with even rudimentary skills. Your eCommerce website should reflect the business offerings to your targeted audience most captivatingly. To conquer the industry, you must be aware of Dropshipping challenges and how to succeed

1. Go to Dashboard to See the Catalog

Once you log into the Shop1 platform, the first thing to browse is its dashboard. You can access the dashboard from the left side of your screen. The dashboard will provide you with a set of subsections of the products of your website catalog.

Dropshipping product catalog
best niche dropshipping

2. Adding Products to Your Catalog

The product section will provide you with everything you need to start your dropshipping business. When you settle on your niche, products are added automatically to your website. However, if you desire to add products to your website from scratch, you can unambiguously go to the settings-customize-advanced-products and click on remove all products from my store. The Shop1 system will automatically remove all the pre-added products from your store. However, remember that you cannot undo that. Browse through all the sections of your product catalog before you consider clicking on this option.

Once you click on the product section from the left side menu, you will find four options to browse, namely, supplier catalog, listed products, your products, and categories. Let’s delve deeper into the offerings of these options.

  • Supplier Catalog: The supplier catalog comprises the names, products, product images, supplier shipping origin, cost, etc. Anyone can access the whole product catalog here that our USA-Based suppliers offer. You will also see the products’ selling price based on the profit margin you have set. The green button below, add to the shop, allows you to start selling products on your website instantaneously.
    In case an item is already added to your website, you may click on the grey edit button to view the items on your website or conveniently remove it from your website. You may also opt to add or remove products in bulk. Click on the products’ checkbox and click on the action button below to perform this action.
  • Listed Products: Your products catalog list exhibits various products that were added to your website previously. It is almost homogeneous to the supplier catalog in terms of the product displays and features. The only distinction here is that you can only retrieve the products that appear on your web-store at present.
  • Your Products: If you incline to add your products, you can conveniently do so with your product options. This option permits you to add products, input product details, and list them on your web-store.
  • Categories: The products available there are summed into different categories by our Shop1 data processing team. With the category setting, you ease for your customers in navigating products on your web-store. The category menu emerges on the top navigation bar of your web-store.

However, if you want to edit a particular category, you can do so by selecting any you are willing to edit. You will identify a form that allows you to change the name or hide a category from your web-store. You may do the needful as per your website requirements. The actions panel in the category section enables you to remove any product, view on the website, or add a particular category. If you’ve deleted categories by oversight, you can view them from the categories section’s drop-down menu. While selecting the products from the extensive selection, ensure that product quality is a priority amongst other factors.

3. Minimize Advertising Price

While browsing through your listed products, you will come across the cost and products’ selling price. Cost price with no margins is the minimum advertising price at which you can sell the products. Let’s take an example of a product costing $39.54 and its selling price being the same. It indicates that you are currently at a 0% commission. The price that you see is the minimum advertising price.
Dropshipping Commissions

4. Receiving Commissions

Before getting off the commission page, you will want to verify that the product sets the status. It ensures that the products are visible on your dropshipping store. Enabling product status will allow you to receive commissions for them.

5. Setting up Commissions on Products

One of the Unique Selling Propositions of a dropshipping business is that you can determine your profit margins. Setting your profit margins is an effective way to allocate resources to marketing and advertising functions. So, how to set your commission? Let’s take the previous example of the product costing $39.54. The selling price of that product might be $47.45. It denotes that your current profit margin is 20% for that product.

Commissions on Products Dropshipping

If you type in a higher commission, let’s say 30%, our system will take that commission off the original cost and multiply it by 1.3 to give you a 30% commission. You can change your profit margin by clicking on the edit option below the listed products. Connecting on set to global commission from the more option allows you to set an accurate margin for all products. You aren’t required to be familiar with Search Engine Optimization tools, as Shop1 simplifies this operation for you. Hence, the flexibility of setting your profit margins gives you the liberation to apportion higher budgets for marketing.

Summing up the first phase on getting acquainted with your website, businesses can set commissions on the dropshipping products through:

  • Going to the Dashboard to See the Catalog;
  • Minimizing Advertising Price;
  • Setting up Commissions on Products;
  • Receiving Commissions.

However, your website is incomplete without a touch of customization. Remember that customization is a significant aspect of building a successful dropshipping website. It facilitates the entrepreneurs in providing a personalized experience to their target audience.

how to create a dropshipping website

6. Customizing Your Dropshipping Store

At this point, you must have got acquainted with the mechanisms of the distinct functions of the product catalog. You can now customize your store as per your preferences through our settings options. The settings options enable you to customize and personalize your website. With a diverse range of customizable options, entrepreneurs can experiment with the aesthetics of the website. To customize your website, go to the Settings-Customize.

7. General Settings

The general settings option allows you to add your personal and business information to your website. You can also choose the primary color of your brand that will reflect on your web-store. Your primary color should preferably be in adherence to your website’s interface or your logo.
Website General Settings​
  • Content Option: The content option has a set of sub-options that facilitate optimizing your website’s content. Every piece of content on your website acts as a marketing tool for your online business. You will be acquainted with the aspects like promotion bar, logo, the home page, etc., in the content option.
  • Promotion Bar: The promotion bar is a content bar that appears on the top of your website. It facilitates floating a promotional message to your website’s visitors and inducing them to buy your products. You can put in a promotional offer of choice for your customers to see when visiting your website. For example, to attract more attention, you may add 5% off on a purchase of $100. You will be able to gain more customer traction in no time. You can customize your promotional bar by adding the background colors and messages.
  • Logo: Based on the appellation of your web-store, Shop1 automatically generates a logo for your website. However, if you have a pre-designed logo, you can conveniently upload it through this recourse. This panel facilitates adding various elements such as the header logo, footer logo, and favicon. A favicon is an icon that serves for branding purposes for your business. Its purpose is to facilitate the users to locate your website when they have multiple tabs open on their web browser.
  • Homepage:The homepage option enables you to make some changes to the content that appears on your home page. The business owner can update the details with references to the featured categories. Featured categories allow you to highlight any particular variety on your home page. You can select each category section through the drop-down list that comprises all your current types. Once you have determined your featured categories, you may save your choices to display them on the home page.
  • Social Media Links: Entrepreneurs can save their social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. through this option. Displaying social media links on your website will help you strengthen your online presence to gain more credibility. It’s a medium for your target audience to engage and connect with the ideologies of your business.
  • About Page: Your potential customers must feel that sense of what your business stands for. Ensure that the About page includes your company’s information, vision, mission, achievements, etc. Shop1 also allows you to add customer testimonials that give your store more credibility.
  • Footer: As the name suggests, this recourse allows you to customize what information appears on the bottom of your website. However, in the contact details, Shop1’s contact details will appear as we handle the businesses’ customer support aspect.
Optimization Dropshipping​

8. Advanced Settings

The advanced settings option allows you to customize more technical aspects of your website. They include options like the script, domain, sliders, etc.
  • Script: A script is a text-based document containing instructions to execute a set of functions. If you have a Google Analytics or Pinterest script, you can add it to your web-store through the script section under Advanced Settings.
  • Domain: The domain section allows you to link your own website’s domain name. With it, you can conveniently connect it to your Shop1 store through this option.

9. Sliders Option

A slider is a compressed term concerning a slideshow on your website. The revolving pictures that you view on the websites are sliders. Sliders here will appear as top banners on the Homepage of your Shop1 store. From the slider option, you can diverge into two different directions. If you already possess your banner, click on the create slider, upload images and pertinent information.
Wbsite Sliders Option​

You may also opt to access Shop1’s library of pre-designed sliders. For this purpose, hover over the name of the slider and click on copy. It will create a duplicate of all banners for your customization. Click on the copy. It will take you to the edit screen where you view too many flags available. You can choose and customize your preferred banner for your slider here. Businesses can also remove the unsuitable banners by clicking on the ‘X’ button on banners’ top right. Add captions and links to each slider for further personalization.

Once you’ve made the required changes, go back to the slider’s main page and click on enable. It will display your slider on the homepage of your website. You can always edit and update information on your existing slider as per the changes in your business. Sliders are great ways of attracting your audience to highlighted products or features of your business.


Shop1 makes it convenient for entrepreneurs wanting to start dropshipping. With dropshipping businesses, they have ample liberty to customize their website about their business’s vision. Businesses reach their target audience through a faster and more convenient medium. Our platform simplifies the tedious tasks of building a website into a few easy steps. However, our entrepreneurs can always refer to our YouTube channel for more informative content related to dropshipping business for in-depth learning.



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