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Shop1 is dropshipping pro platform designed to make what you need to do easy and that’s important because a lot of people are not able to have their own businesses and are not able to be their own boss because to start your own business there’s a lot of things involved in that, a lot of costs, a lot of extra things are just not feasible for everybody but that everybody should have that option so we’ve created a platform that allows people to be their own boss regardless of their situation as long as they want it.

Go to dashboard to see the catalog

You first log in to your account then the first thing that you’re going to see will be the main dashboard – from there you’re going to click on products and then entire catalog you’ll go to the list format and from here you can check a box and it will add it to your store once you go to my products.

Minimize advertising price

You’ll have an option at the end here to press edit once you do that it will go ahead and bring up this screen for example the price of the product is $39.54 right now at 0% commission you’re not getting anything and you’re selling it at cost the map pricing will show if it’s relevant, it’s just the minimize advertising price.

Setting up commissions on products

How you’ll set your commission? let’s just say you want to receive 20% commission you type in 20 and then it will go ahead and it will take that commission off of the original cost it’ll multiply it by 1.2 to give you that 20% commission there and then that will reflect in the total here now you’ll have tags categories these titles here if you’re familiar with SEO tools then you can do this yourself otherwise I would recommend leaving it alone because shop one does it for you.

Receiving commissions

Before you get off of this page you’ll want to scroll down make sure that the status on this product is set and checked so it does show up in your store and then you press save and that is how you go ahead and set the commission on the products you wish to sell. Have a wonderful day!



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