How Shop1 Dropshipping Works


Create Your Shop

Choose from our selection of template options and customize your site with features that will give your website a unique look tailored to your tastes and needs. This should take just an hour or so!

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Pick Your Products

When you create a store, you’ll choose a main product category, and the system will automatically pre-load your store with thousands of such products for you. All these products will be from American suppliers and ready to be shipped. Choose which products you want to sell on your store and remove the ones you don’t. If you have your own products to sell (too), you can do them from your admin panel, as well.

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Promote Your Store

On average, the first two steps takes a new user about five to ten hours. Once you’ve finished customizing your store, you’re ready to make sales. Start promoting your site. Bring in traffic and watch orders come in. Learn about your customers and use the information to sell even more.
When an order comes in, you don’t have to do anything at all. Shop1 automatically processes the order and communicates the information necessary with the suppliers to make sure the products get shipped quickly. Tracking information is also automatically communicated to your customers on your behalf.

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And Finally Relax

There is no step four. Just rinse and repeat and generate more sales and consequently more revenue. Grow your business and set higher targets for yourself!

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