Finding Dropship Suppliers During COVID-19

Covid-19 Dropshipping

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COVID-19 has caused online marketplaces to hit the reset button.

eCommerce, as we know it, is undergoing a transformation because of a shift in buying behavior. Consumers prefer to shop online rather than visit stores out of caution to prevent contracting COVID.

The skyrocketing sales of online shopping is a dream come true for eCommerce. Online shopping (as of 6/28/20) in the U.S. and Canada grew 142.11% compared to last year’s figure.

Online retailers have relied on China-based suppliers for decades. 50% of world goods are made in China. How does China corner the market in production and as suppliers? It all comes down to the fact that Chinese-made products are cheaper.

So, how has COVID affected trade flow between Chinese suppliers and you, the online retailer?

Hitting Your Reset Button

How can you, the online retailer, find a solution to the supplier dilemma?

You can continue to rely on your foreign suppliers and roll the dice hoping your customers get their orders. Finding a U.S. based supplier is a more reliable solution. However, you’ll need to audit your product listing and compare that to what U.S. based suppliers offer. Match them as closely as you can. When you do this, you’ll need to devote some time to updating your online marketplace and tweaking your product catalog.

How do you find U.S. based Dropship suppliers?

There are numerous suppliers online who are located in the U.S. Do an online search for wholesale suppliers. Upon reaching individual websites, you’ll be prompted to select “type of supplier,” where you’ll choose “dropshipper.”

Keep in mind that when searching for a U.S. supplier, it’s going to take some time. Your online search can be broad by searching for “Wholesale Product Suppliers in the U.S.” It can also be niche-specific by searching for something like “Wholesale Product Suppliers in the U.S. Pet Products.” Either way, you’ll find that your search results contain individual suppliers as well as those who are an aggregate of multiple suppliers.

Lastly, something to take into consideration when searching for U.S. suppliers is the fact that COVID is still alive and thriving! Every business and industry is short-handed because of stay-at-home orders. When you sign up with a new supplier, be patient, and allow them that extra time to get you established.

Dropshipping Aggregators

Dropshipping aggregator is your wholesale source where they list products from numerous suppliers/manufacturers. You get a comprehensive list of products compared to an individual supplier.

Downsides of Dropship Suppliers

There are a few downsides to using a dropshipping aggregator or individual supplier.
Most aggregators don’t vet suppliers they list in their database.
Whether you use an aggregator or individual supplier, you must VET VET VET!!! Don’t assume that a supplier is reputable, especially if they are part of an aggregator’s database. The proof of reliability falls on you! Many suppliers offer partial or no dropshipping services. This includes inventory management, payment processing, refunds, returns, and other order issues. You, the retailer, must monitor product trends and adjust your online products to avoid being outdated. You can bypass the timely search process, vetting, and headache of supplier woes with a dropshipping platform!

What is a dropshipping platform?

Dropshipping platforms are an all-in-one solution that online retailers use to be more efficient and grow their business. An all-in-one platform frees you up to focus on marketing or other areas of your online business.

Dropshipping Dashboard

Features of a Dropshipping Platform

  • Provides you access to products from suppliers that have already been heavily vetted.
  • Maintains inventory to ensure products are in stock and current with trends.
  • The minute your customer clicks on “Buy,” the platform handles processing the order as well as shipping it.

Shop1 is a dropshipping platform that goes above and beyond most other platforms with comprehensive services!

Without-Shop1Shop1 Business

Dropship Suppliers in Shop1?

Shop1 is one of the few comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE dropshipping platforms that quietly handles the mechanics of every aspect of dropshipping in the background. You have peace of mind knowing your customers have a positive experience from the moment they buy a product all the way to being satisfied with their purchase.

Features of Shop1

  • You have a choice of three plans to build your online storefront/marketplace.
  • Your storefront is optimized and attractive.
  • You have full access to a product catalog from numerous U.S. based only suppliers.
  • We monitor product trends to ensure every product is current and not outdated.
  • We handle inventory management.
  • You’ll have full access to data analytics.
  • We pay upfront costs to suppliers to ship products.
  • There are no hidden fees because we believe in full transparency!
  • We handle customer relations.

Dropshipping REALLY does work! Don’t pass up the opportunity to grow your business and your revenue!

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Christian Shaffer
Christian Shaffer