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Efficiency To Unlock more opportunities

Here is how this will work for your dropshipping marketplace. You have 3 plans to choose from, each of which offer amazing features and benefits. When creating your store, you get to choose what you sell. We have partnered with all amazing American suppliers and provide their catalogs for you to choose items that you would like to sell. You can choose items from multiple suppliers until you have your marketplace set up with your product choices via the easy to use dashboard we provide.

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Features and Benefits
How to Start Dropshipping


Instant Data To Keep everyone in the know

This dashboard provides you data analytics for all of the necessary metrics you will need to manage your business, and we give you this data in a format that doesn’t take a university degree to understand. You can set your prices (cannot be lower than the item’s MAP), add or remove products, update the look of your site, and make understanding your business easy.

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True & Accurate Product Costs

The cost you see on a product is your true and up-to-date cost. All drop shipping fees or supplier charges are built into the cost, so you can be sure that the profit margin you set is the true profit you’ll have when you make a sale.

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Dropshipping Profit Margin
Marketplace Dropship


Trending products

Shop1 is continuously looking for more suppliers so we can continue to offer fresh and exciting products for you to sell. No marketplace can sell the same old products forever in this rapidly changing market, and we are committed to making sure your marketplace stays fresh and up to date with the times.

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