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What is

The e-commerce dropshipping business model revolves around a business concept that enables the owner to sell products without keeping it in their physical inventory. Any order that comes through is fulfilled and shipped by the supplier directly to your customer’s doorstep.


How to

Dashboard overview Create your Dropshipping Store

A USP that comes by default with dropshipping is it’s unique feature of, “no warehouse stocking required”, making it an ideal option for every entrepreneur who looks for a minimum-viable-business-opportunity.


Dashboard overview

Dropshipping not only lets you experiment with the range of products in your store, but also reduce the effort and time to set up your store with a whopping difference. Since the logistics are taken care of by the wholesaler, you, on the other hand, need to focus on targeting the right audience.


How to
find and manage suppliers

Since the tough part of getting suppliers has been done by Shop1, now all you are left with is selecting the right products for your store. Follow our product selection tips to list items in your store strategically. Keeping current trends in mind will help you excel in your niche.


How to
Grow your store at low cost

Your time and money is valuable, so maximizing both matters.  Because more time spent marketing your results in more opportunities for your brand, the last thing you want to worry about is paying developers, suppliers, and more  Shop1 handles that for you, so you can be the brand ambassador of your store.



How to
set up your commissions

Your revenue will depend on the market value that you will create over time.  Make sure the products displayed on your homepage have competitive prices, but don’t undercut your profits.  


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