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What’s in the video?

Can’t play the video right now? Don’t worry, we got your back! Go through the step by step video transcription below and get to know about each and every single step we covered.


Who are
dropshipping suppliers:

Suppliers are the backbone of your dropshipping business because without them you have no products and with no products you have nothing to dropship.


Problems with finding
dropship suppliers on search engine:

Finding good suppliers is difficult because there’s a lot that goes into it. You have to be very careful of scams and sadly in this world people do that. I always recommend doing a test order with any new supplier and check if they give you tracking number, invoice looks like if there are updates you want to see you know who you’re paying usually if it’s something like PayPal give you some kind of receipt and tell you who you paid to, you want to look at these things and pay attention to them.


Problems with finding dropship suppliers on search engine:

  • Finding suppliers is difficult if you’re using a search engine like you know you have to go at least three or four pages deep to get to the right supplier.
  • The first pages will be all sponsored or Drop Shipping platforms or platforms that you pay a rate to to have access to their suppliers so they’re more business-oriented.
  • They’ll charge you a couple hundred you know a month and the benefit to that is you get access to a ton of suppliers right but spending this amount $300-$400 a month that’s a lot of money to get suppliers.
  • After finding the supplier which you want, you have to wait if the supplier has played Hardball with you whatever the case could be right that’s stressful. All of those things you need is to be able to communicate.


Shop1 can help you?

  • After finding and checking the suppliers Shop1 will take care of the shipping process.
  • Shop1 actually handles this for you, we pay the shipping on the item so that’s something you don’t have to worry about.
  • We daily check our inventory levels and suppliers update, you know on a pretty constant basis and as soon as they update us we’re updating our Star Inventory as well as we also handle any supplier issues that may come from just the general situation.


If having
customer complaints:

  • You’re always reaching out and you’re engaging with your customers and they start telling you they’re having issues with certain products.
  • You’re going to come to us and be like hey what’s going on and we’re going to handle that situation by reaching out to the supplier.
  • We’re going to see if it’s something that we need to do differently or something they need to do differently or whether we just need to stop associating with them because they’re unreliable we don’t want you to have issues with your customers because the suppliers are no good so we do take this very seriously to making sure we’re providing you with the best options available.

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