Dropshipping Profit Calculator

Ever wondered how much you could make through a dropshipping with U.S. based and quality products? Maybe you were curious if you should adjust your budget and how it could affect your bottom-line? Use the dropshipping profit calculator below to quickly calculate and get a 6-month vision for your online business. 

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How to use the calculator

What is a reasonable marketing budget?

When deciding on your budget, you should consider your goals, niche, and target audience. You should also take into consideration your methods of marketing. For example, if you’re an effective influencer, you might need little to no advertising and marketing budget. On the other hand, if your goal is to risk a bit more and advertise more aggressively, you can consider a much larger budget. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Google are where you can easily find your audience, typically.

dropshipping profit calculator
dropshipping cost per acquisition

What is a realistic Ad Cost per Order?

If you’re using a tracking system like Facebook Pixel, you’d be able to see your Cost per Result from your ad manager. Let’s say that you pay 20 cents for every click on your ad, and let’s also say that 1 out of 10 people that click on your ad buy from you. So, this would mean that your ad cost for each order you get is $2 (10 x $0.20).

The better of a job you do at setting your ad, the higher your conversion rate would be. A higher conversion rate means a lower cost. And, the lower your conversion cost, the more budget you’ll have left to advertise more and get more customers to your online store.

Why should I Re-Invest part of my profit?

It’s simple; we believe that you should have a long-term goal and vision as an entrepreneur. Every businessman or businesswoman you admire has worked hard and has invested their profits into growing their company and brand. Of course, you can and may want to take a part of your profit every month. But also notice that if you have a viable business, what you invest into your venture can come back doubled or even tripled. Use the slider feature to see how your re-investment can affect your revenue in the long run.

dropshipping profit calculator

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