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Are you looking for the trendiest, hottest fashion merchandize to dazzle your customers?

Are you searching for the best dropshipping products to greatly increase your business earning potential?

Getting the best clothing items should not have to cost a premium. At Shop1, we have the top trendy clothing dropshipping suppliers domiciled in the USA. We offer super deals on the latest fashion looks that would keep your customers coming back for more.

Using our awesome e-commerce website, US-based dropshipping suppliers, best-in-class customer service, and diverse product selection, we aim to make sure managing your business is made seamless so you can focus on driving sales to your store.

Our high-quality inventory, economical prices, and top of the range fashion apparels would make your dropship clothing store one of the best on offer. We have a vast range of clothing sizes and diverse styles, so it doesn’t matter the look you are aiming for; we have got you covered. 

Taking advantage of our multiple payment options, reduced fees, high standard e-commerce website, reliable dropshipping wholesalers, quality dropshipping products, a wide selection of the hottest fashion items, and great prices, Therefore you would have all the tools at your disposal to make your business a success. 


Your #1 US-Based Fashion and


At Shop1, we aim to assist you in giving your clients the best. Our Dropshipping Suppliers stock the trendiest and hottest fashion items all year round.

Fashion is swift and constantly evolving, so your clothing items must be among the Best Dropshipping Products available among sellers. so it doesn’t matter if your customers are searching for a simple dinner dress, a colorful blazer, or sexy lingerie, you would be able always to meet their needs. All our dropshipping wholesalers are based in the USA, which gives a lot of added pecks such as

Dropshipping Time


No more shipping delays. Having your orders processed late can lead to a steady decline in customers and traffic.

When a dropshipping supplier is based overseas, there is a risk of your order been affected by factors like canceled flights, custom decisions, product mishandling, amongst others.

For your business to thrive, your orders must continuously be processed and fulfilled as quickly as possible.


Faster delivery times. Having your orders processed on time would lead to faster fulfillment. As our suppliers are US-based, the speed of your orders getting delivered on time is greatly increased.

Gone are the days where customers can be patient about receiving their orders. As the world is getting more digitalized and connected, buyer’s competition is fierce, so it pays to keep your esteemed customers happy by ensuring their items are delivered on time; this would, in turn, make them loyal clients, and what better way to achieve this than by having locally sourced dropshipping suppliers.

Delivery Dropshipping Cloth
Fashon Clothing


Only the trendiest and hottest fashion pieces to choose from. As our Dropship Suppliers are US-based, they know and understand the various style trends and are on top of the fashion game.

So at every season of the year, they know what style is in vogue, and those items are then made available to your customers to pick from.

In summer, warmer and free clothing is sought after, which would be different from the more layered clothing needed during winter.

Our suppliers know all these and are always one step ahead of the curve.


Selling items of standard quality is a sure-fire way of gaining and keeping clients.

If a customer places an order and receives something different or of less quality than was advertised, it is a big turn off and would lead to definite returns.

A common misconception that new dropshippers hold is that customers in America prefer buying from websites that ship from China or overseas due to quality reasons, but this is not true because, with long-distance dropshipping wholesalers, there is always the risk of your items getting mishandled or damaged in transit. Our dropshipping suppliers are a 100% committed to providing quality items.

Our suppliers have been vetted and only ship the best dropshipping products, so you won’t have to worry about the item’s quality.

Quality Cloth Dropship
Low Shipping Dropship


Shipping costs are drastically reduced when using US-based dropshipping wholesalers.

Even though finding the cheapest offer is not the main goal of selecting dropshipping suppliers, affordability and low shipping rates are still a very legitimate factor to consider for your dropship clothing business’s growth.

 Business running costs must be minimized to maximize your profit for growing your business in leaps and bounds. When you work with a dropship suppliers in the US, you enjoy low-priced shipping services that benefit you as a seller and your customers. You would also benefit from local shipping discounts as most firms offer such to their loyal customers as a means of extending and maintaining long term partnerships.


Reputation is very important for any e-commerce brand to be successful. Customer satisfaction has to be the foundation of any reputable dropshipping business.

It is the most important factor in scaling up and sustaining a dropshipping store. 

Customer service is a core asset to your business. The support and shopping experience you offer customers would determine if they would become repeat buyers. You need good products for your store and a seamless process for clarifying queries, managing returns, and making alterations to orders.

Delivery Dropshipping Cloth


Returns and Refunds can seriously affect the credibility of your dropshipping business. You can greatly reduce the risk of customers requesting refunds and returning orders by offering only the Best Dropshipping Products of high quality and fast order processing and fulfillment times. 

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