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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Shop1?

    Shop1 is the world’s only all-in-one dropshipping platform. Our fully automated platform makes it easier for dropshipping businesses to perform smooth business operations. From building a website, sourcing products, order fulfillment, payment processing to customer support, we take care of it all. Our product catalog consists of hundreds of thousands of products sourced by the U.S. based suppliers. Sourcing products from suppliers who warehouse their products in the United States ensures that your customer avails quality products and faster shipping.
    Our goal at Shop1 is to provide a fully functional platform for online businesses to offer their customers a smooth and hassle-free experience. With maximum essential functions taken care of by Shop1, entrepreneurs can run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. At any point, the Shop1 contact team will be there to guide and support you.

    What is dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is an order fulfillment business model wherein the business doesn’t hold any physical inventory of the products sold. The supplier manufactures and maintains the stock of the products sold. Every time a customer places an order on your website, you purchase the products from a third-party supplier. 

    Your supplier then ships the products to your customer for you. With dropshipping, online businesses don’t have to bear the risk of inventory and shipping costs.

    How do I get started?

    To get started on Shop1, you first need to pick a niche. Your niche refers to the type of products you are going to sell. Your place could be fashion, toys, health and beauty, furniture, electronics, etc. The next step is picking a theme for your website. 

    Shop1 offers many pre-designed templates for your website for you to choose and explore. Based on your vision for your website, you can choose from any of the website theme previews. 

    Lastly, you need to pick a store name for your website. You can always change the name of your store later. After registration, you can add products to your store, customize your website, and get your dropshipping store up and running.

    Do I need to have my own products?

    No, you don’t need your own products for dropshipping. Shop1 has a catalog of tens of thousands of products sourced by our network of vetted American suppliers. 

    You can select products from our diverse catalog and add them to your dropshipping store. In case you already have your products, you can add them to your dropshipping store as well.

    How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business?

    Based on entrepreneurs’ requirements, Shop1 has curated three pricing plans, namely the Starter, Entrepreneur, and Business plan. With the 

    Starter plan, you can benefit from payment processing, a personalized store, automated order fulfillment, order tracking, etc. 

    Entrepreneur plan users can avail of discounted shipping, live training, coupons, and more. 

    The Business plan, which is our most superior one, you can utilize the best of the end-to-end services. 

    From analytical reports to unlimited products, you can help all of them. You can see the complete details and compare the dropshipping costs here.

    Do you make custom websites?

    Definitely! We curate custom and personalized websites. Our experts take care of all SEO guidelines to ensure that your website is fully optimized for search results. 

    This is an ideal plan for growing businesses and entrepreneurs with a unique vision for their storefront. You can request more information here: custom dropshipping website.