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Are you curious to find out how build a profitable eCommerce business?

Come on in and sit down. Grab a cup of coffee. We’ll explain it all to you and give you the nitty-gritty on how you can profit from eCommerce.

Dropshippers find their profits by finding higher-margin products and increasing their conversion rates. It’s important to find higher-margin products by developing a focused niche and finding strong suppliers when starting a dropshipping business.

Growing Pains of eCommerce

The driving force of the pandemic has accelerated eCommerce trends. Online marketplaces are scrambling to keep up with consumer demand. The days of in-person shopping are quickly being replaced with online shopping.

  • Conversion rates via smartphones have increased, accounting for 34.5% of eCommerce revenue.
  • Smartphone eCommerce sales are predicted to account for as much as 54% of all eCommerce revenue by 2021.

Setting Yourself Up for Success with eCommerce

Dropshipping should be one of the first things you integrate into your online business. When you do, you free up valuable time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing.

It’s essential that as an entrepreneur, you add personal value by being present in your business’s daily operations. By doing so, you set yourself and your eCommerce business up to successfully yield a profit.

Your online business isn’t something you set up, sit back, and wait for it to generate sales. Think of your business as a child. Children require constant attention and care. Your online business requires your attention daily (and often hourly) to process incoming orders. Processing those orders doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to prepare the order for shipment and then handle the shipment. Wouldn’t it be nicer if this process was done automatically? Try dropshipping.

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Dropshipping is the “Here” and “Now”

More and more online business entrepreneurs are leveraging dropshipping to generate sales. Dropshipping works quietly in the background, maneuvering and handling the complex maze, maintaining product inventory, fulfilling orders, and handling customer order relations.

Your dropshipping (if set up correctly) opens the door for those dollar bills to start coming in!

There’s competition out there with other entrepreneurs selling the same thing. Remember this, to gain the attention of consumers your business needs to stand out and not blend in with everyone else. Creative and careful branding accomplishes this.

The Impact of Advertising in eCommerce

The goal of advertising is to drive traffic to your storefront. Our culture lives online. Billboards, classifieds, and hardcopy ads no longer reach the crowds. Why? Because those crowds are younger and more technology-forward.

Social media has become the modern-day form of a billboard or printed ads. Advertising takes on the form of Facebook posts, shares, and comments, or Pinterest boards and pins. YouTube videos and Facebook Live are other highly effective ways to advertise.

Things that you should consider before advertising include the following.

  • Target audience
  • The product should match your audience’s demands and needs
  • Timing and placement of ads have a major impact. A great example is advertising swimsuits in the middle of winter.

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Choose Your Product(s) Wisely

To be successful, you’ll want to sell products that are in demand. This will have a major impact on your profit margin. It will take a little bit of research to find out what the bestsellers are. It comes down to keeping up with consumer buying habits and demand.

How do you find out what the demands are? A great way to get a glimpse of trending products is through Google Trends as well as Amazon Best Sellers. Social media is another place to monitor sales and interests.

Lastly, sell a product you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

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Selecting the Right Dropshipping Platform

There are a LOT of dropshipping platforms out there. Your business relies on that platform to get your product from point a to point b and to maneuver all of the details surrounding an order.

Finding suppliers you can trust is just as important. Suppliers should also be current in their inventory management as well as trending products to include in their product catalogs. As a business owner, you may not have control of the supplier mechanics, but you do have control over who you select as a supplier.

When your customer hits the “pay” button in your storefront, the supplier must be there to pick the ball up and run with it. They process the order, handle payment, prepare the product for shipping, and ship it out. The customer receives a notification from the dropshipper that the order has been processed and shipped out.

How do you know which suppliers are reputable or not?

You’ll need to do some research on a supplier to get an idea of how they are rated. Knowing where to find this information may prove to be a challenge. However, language differences, time zones, and distance have an impact on building a relationship with them.

Dropshipping Platforms

Digest the Information

To sum it all up, you CAN profit from an eCommerce business.

  • Have you branded yourself and your business in a way that will drive traffic to your storefront?
  • Does your storefront stand out from all the others?
  • Is your dropshipping platform correctly constructed to handle orders efficiently?
  • Have you narrowed down your niche to be able to sell products you are genuinely passionate about?
  • Are you willing to devote the time to thoroughly research suppliers?
  • Do you have the time to be actively on top of suppliers to ensure they’re fulfilling orders properly on their end?

If you are struggling to do these things, guess what? We have a solution to get you up and running.


One Solution Handles It All

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something working in the background that quietly handles every little detail? You have peace of mind knowing things are going smoothly from start to finish in order processing and fulfillment. Shop1 does all of that and more.

Here at Shop1, we are the ones who handle the background mechanics so you have time to handle other areas of your business.

The Features and Benefits of Using Shop1

  • Choice of 3 plans for your online marketplace.
  • Choice of products to sell from one or multiple suppliers.
  • Updated product catalog with products that reflect current trends.
  • Management of your data to efficiently run your business.
  • Complete dropshipping services

Give your eCommerce a boost with Shop1 so it runs like clockwork! Get Started today!

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Christian Shaffer