Best Dropshipping Products

Products are critical to your success in dropshipping, and finding the best dropshipping products is one of the most important steps you’ll take.

If you’ve chosen a niche for your store, it’s important to know what to look for in products so you can fill out your catalog with best sellers. If you’re planning to choose a niche based on what sells easiest, you’ll want to know what’s important to look for in dropshipping products so you can evaluate specific niches to see how they fare.

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To put it simply: you need to know what kind of products to sell so that you can set yourself up for success with dropshipping.

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Consumable, Replaceable, or Disposable Products

You put in the time, effort, and money to draw new customers to your site. When they buy from your store, that’s a win – you make profit and the marketing pays off. But if they come back a second or even third time, your return on investment grows exceptionally.

Returning customers are an incredibly important part of growth as a business. While new customers help to increase brand awareness and increase sales, they come with a price. Repeat customers, on the other hand, only need to be acquired once, lowering the cost per acquisition for your marketing. 

Best dropshipping products

This allows you to spend more per lead to help reach more customers (due to the higher average customer value), or just enjoy sales that don’t take a chunk out of your budget.

If you want to lend yourself to return customers, selling products that need to be bought more than once can be a great way to keep them coming back for more. This can include a variety of things, including batteries, medical supplies, home supplies, filters, pet products, and more. Essentially, anything that gets used up or needs replacement will keep customers coming back.

Top Dropshipping Products with low returns

Low Return Rate​

Returns can be a major problem for dropshippers. If you are working on thin margins and your products are constantly being sent back, you’re not making the most of your sales. Returns can be costly, time-consuming, and hurt your relationship with customers.

To avoid the trouble that comes with returns, your dropshipping store should focus on selling “one-size-fits-all” products. Clothing, shoes, jewelry and products that come in various sizes may not fit them correctly, which means a lost sale for you (plus a potential reshelving fee from your supplier).

However, general use products like calculators, reusable water bottles, toy cars, candles, and anything else that can be used by anyone are not likely to be returned just because it wasn’t a match. This means you can retain more sales and save the headache of dealing with returns.

If you use Shop1, you won’t have to worry about returns at all. Shop1 automatically handles processing returns for all orders, corresponding with suppliers and allowing you free returns to your customers. You can sell any products you want – regardless of return rate – without worrying about return management.

Small or Light Items in Best Dropshipping Products

Shipping is a pain in the neck for shops and customers alike. Nobody likes to pay or wait for shipping – it’s the worst part of eCommerce. But when you are selling products, you have to consider both the cost of shipping for yourself, and the cost for your customers.

If you ship for free, you will have to account for the cost of shipping in your margins. If you charge the customer for shipping, you risk losing as many as half your sales. The answer? Lower shipping costs as much as possible.

Top products with low shipping fees

Shipping fees are determined by size, weight, shipping speed, and distance traveled. Unfortunately, using slow shipping methods or restricting buyers to only certain areas to save on shipping can cost more in the long run.

However, if you sell products that are small and light (or can be packed tightly with a vacuum seal), you can lower the shipping cost for yourself, allowing you to provide free shipping and absorb the smaller cost into your pricing.

With Shop1’s Business membership, you don’t have to worry about shipping. Products ship for FREE from the suppliers, allowing you to offer the lowest prices without sacrificing on shipping speed or quality, or limiting your catalog.

dropship items with higher profit potential

Wide Profit Margin

Dropshipping is a naturally low-margin business model. While there are minimal startup costs to running a dropshipping business, you’ll need to be efficient with your expenses and smart with pricing to ensure you’re making a profit.

Dropshippers don’t have the luxury of buying in bulk and storing products until they’re needed, which results in higher wholesale prices. When you add in marketing costs, fees from suppliers, and other expenses, you’re not always left with much room for error.

To offset the often tight margins of dropshipping, your product selection can include products that offer high profit margins from wholesale to retail. Jewelry is one of these products, with people less likely to pay attention to price when buying gifts. Pet products and children’s toys are other options that customers will spend more on to spoil those that they love.

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Trending or Seasonal

Once you’ve established a catalog that features reliable money-making products, you can branch out to “special” products. These are products that will be available for a limited time because they have a small window of relevance, such as seasonal items. Or, they can be added due to a trend in the market that you want to capitalize on while they’re hot, even though they may not be ideal for your catalog.

These types of products are a great way to earn some traffic to your site by targeting what’s hot. Then, once your marketing campaign or advertising gets them to your site, you have a chance to sell them other products as well.

Trending or Seasonal

To find products that are trending, you can use Google Trends to see what kind of search terms and products are getting the most results right now. Or, you can see what’s selling best on Amazon. Then, you can add those products, similar products, or accessories relating to the trend (or holiday) so that you can take advantage of the popularity.

“Must-have” toys around Christmas, off brand electronics similar to big brand releases, and clothing styles that are trending are all short-term products to bolster your catalog when the time is right.



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