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Shop1 Pledges 1%

Reading Time: 3 minutes At Shop1, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs to succeed. That’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to Pledge 1%. What is Pledges 1%? Pledge 1% is a growing global movement aimed at creating a whole new normal. That new normal is one in which

side hustle ideas
25 Side Hustle Ideas That Make Money

Reading Time: 10 minutes Back in 1976, Steve Jobs hadn’t yet become the Steve Jobs. To his boss and his coworkers, he was just “Steve who works the night shift at Atari”. And while his boss thought that he had found a clever way to manage a valuable yet socially challenged employee, Steve Jobs was

Dropshipping Business VS Affiliate Marketing
Dropshipping Business vs Affiliate Marketing for the US Markets

Reading Time: 6 minutes Things to Consider in Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing It is a proven fact that all of us are living in a world where online business with eCommerce has a global monopoly. In an era of digital resurgence, businesses can’t refrain from taking the advantage of various online business avenues which are

Google Business Shopping
How to Sell on Google Shopping Ads – Dropshipping Version

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is Google Shopping Free? Advertising encircles around optimizing your website and driving sales using the most cost-effective mechanism in the current context. With the limited resources available for new dropshippers, it becomes difficult to choose from the multitude of online channels offering to advertise your business. Fortunately, Google Shopping presents ample

Best dropship suppliers based in the USA
Best dropship suppliers based in the USA

Reading Time: 6 minutes Downsides of Working with the Chinese Suppliers for Dropshippers When starting a dropshipping business, you will need to find one or a few of the best dropship suppliers USA based, preferably. After all, you can’t sell anything if you don’t have a quality catalogue and a reliable supplier to deliver them.

Holiday Sales
About 33% of US Holiday Sales Will Be Online

Reading Time: 3 minutes Great news for eCommerce retailers: Experts predict online holiday sales in the US will grow 34% for the 2020 season. That’s nearly triple the online holiday sales in 2019! With many businesses moving their Black Friday sales online (and converging with Cyber Monday), the 2020 holiday shopping season will be a very virtual one. Would

instagram ads dropshipping
Facebook and Instagram Ads Dropshipping Business Newbies Miss Out On!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your All-In-One Guide to Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads While starting an online business or preparing for your website to go live, you will desire to make the most of your marketing opportunities and win your customers. After all, you don’t want to lag behind your competitors in the marketing strategies.

The Ultimate Guide to Market on TikTok

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time for dropshippers to market on TikTok. If you’re a dropshipper, it’s safe to say that you will want to utilize social media for your marketing. Especially the video app that’s popular with the shoppers these days called TikTok. In case you’re not hip, TikTok is

pros and cons of dropshipping
The Two Faces of Dropshipping: Beautiful and Ugly

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s a LOT of advantages to using dropshipping as a business model. When dropshipping platforms are set up correctly, they’re a great asset to your online business.  We’re going to explore various reasons that cause dropshipping to sputter and falter.  Imagine your dropshipping business is in a box. You open that

Top Mistake Dropshipping
Top 8 Mistakes That Cause Dropshipping Failures

Reading Time: 10 minutes Has dropshipping “dropped the ball” for you? If you are not familiar with dropshipping, setting it up can be an undertaking. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts when setting one up has consequences. Ultimately, it can fail on you. Are you ready to be the ultimate dropshipper through a flawless system?  Let’s