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How to Make Your First Sale

So, you’ve created your awesome Shop1 store and you are ready to sell. But how do you get your first sale? This is a great question. There are a few steps you need to take on your dropshipping journey before you make your first sale. Let’s talk about them!Define Your BrandDefining your brand is important

Dropshipping Opportunity awaits
The Freedom of Dropshipping

Patrick wanted to have his own business, but had financial barriers.  He had just had a baby and he was the sole monetary provider in his house.  His 9-5 job was taking care of the bills, but there wasn’t much left over and Patrick knew that he wanted more from his situation.  He started looking

Building Your Brand

Here’s a question: What is the first company you think of when you hear “electric car?"  How about when you think about vacuums? Regardless of the company you thought of, the point to the questions remains the same. You immediately associated a particular company with a product genre. This is one of the biggest indications

Market analysis
Market Analysis

So you’ve been seeing us talking about the importance of doing market analysis for your business through our helpful tips.  It makes sense to you, and you understand why it is important.  But maybe there is some confusion on HOW to do it.  Well, I can help with this. See, a market analysis is one of

Working Hard
Important Tips for Success

So, you’ve created your online store.  You’ve been following the tips on advertising.  You’ve been doing your research on the industries you are interested in and have picked the best products for you to sell.  You are using Shop1, so you don’t have to deal with all of the back end activities such as supplier

Common Reasons for Failure

Recently we have noticed articles written by people who are calling dropshipping a scam and how they lost tons of money. This simply is not always true though.  Oftentimes the reason dropshipping fails is because dropshipping is a business, and that requires people to treat it as such.The majority of money spent on dropshipping is

Advertising Mistakes

Advertising is a necessity for e-commerce brands to attract a relevant audience to their websites.I vividly remember reading every single article I could find to learn every single trick online and compile them all together to create a winning ad.  And I did create a winning ad. The second ad I ever created brought more

Part-time Entrepreneurs

Is dropshipping a part-time gig for you?  Is your goal to generate a passive residual income or create a recognizable brand?  This is great planning. I wish I had. Especially while in college. I had to lean on my parents financially to get through.  I was out of the house, yet was not independent.  Well, the

Motivation Monday

This can all be challenging at first. Sometimes frustrating. ESPECIALLY when you are your own boss.  And sometimes this means we all need a little extra motivation.  It happens to everyone. We go through it ourselves. As such, we want to help.  Humor me for a second.Now for a moment, just imagine this:You’ve just woken

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