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Advertising is a necessity for e-commerce brands to attract a relevant audience to their websites.

I vividly remember reading every single article I could find to learn every single trick online and compile them all together to create a winning ad.  And I did create a winning ad. The second ad I ever created brought more engagement than I could’ve ever imagined.

Since then, I’ve created countless ads in various niches such as automotive, skincare, yoga, pets, home decor, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the three of the most common e-commerce advertising mistakes and how you can overcome them.

Stop and try again!

  1. Failing to try retargeting ads sooner 

 The magic of a retargeting ad is that it’s a way to win back first-time visitors. Not everyone is ready to buy their first time.

I’ve spent so much money on cold traffic, never thinking of what would happen if I had spent more time trying to bring back those people to reconsider my store and make a purchase.

Had I tried a retargeting ad sooner, I would’ve saved myself a ton of advertising money long-term.

failed repetition

  1. Repeatedly serving the same ads

There are times when you see the same ad wherever you go in the digital space. It doesn’t matter whether you’re scrolling through your feed on Facebook, watching a video on YouTube, or reading content on a website.

For weeks and sometimes even months, that ad will show you the same product over and over again. And the worst part is that the pricing doesn’t ever change, not even one bit.

All of this will result in ad fatigue, and the audience becomes less responsive to those ads. So you will end up spending a lot more money on your ad campaigns without getting much response.

Watch the margins

  1. Failing to monitor my margins

The biggest challenge when it comes to margins that people don’t take into account is how many failed ads you’ll have before you create one that succeeds.

And that does eat away at your margins. If not done correctly, store owners could potentially spend $1000 on ads and only generate few sales.

It’s essential to take ad costs into account when pricing your products.

Traffic Direction

  1. Sending traffic to the homepage

If you only sell one product, or if your homepage is a landing page, you’ll want to skip this advice. 

However, if you’re selling several products on your online store, you’ll get more bang for your buck by promoting a product page instead of a homepage.

These tips will help you get the most bang for your efforts.  Have fun with it!!!!

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