Shop1 is a platform for new entrepreneurs who want to have a dropshipping eCommerce website. We provide a website, but more importantly, we provide a rich catalog of thousands of dropshipping products from US-based suppliers. Our actively-growing catalog of dropshipping products are all housed and shipped from within the United States. This gives our entrepreneur  community the advantage they need to sell and expand through fast shipping and delivery.

Additionally, Shop1 automatically handles order fulfillment. This, essentially, means that you will never have to do anything when a new order is placed on your website. The platform automatically handles the supplier communications and send your customers their tracking numbers on your behalf.

Without Shop1, starting a dropshipping business includes a lot of time-consuming busy work; learning about and designing a website, finding and getting approved by reliable suppliers, Importing their catalog and keeping their stock level updated on your site, and processing orders and returns can take away weeks and months of the time you should be spending on marketing your website.


Everything you need to start a dropshipping business

That is where Shop1 comes in as it is created to reduce how much time and effort has to go into the back-end of setting up and managing an online dropshipping business. We realized that a dropshipping store could be so much easier to create and grow if there was a turnkey platform for it. Shop1 was made with the goal to empower new entrepreneurs to build their dream store that actually has the chance to turn into a profitable business. With a focus on the American dropshipping market, Shop1 handles the back-end tasks for you so that you can focus on selling and promoting your website.

Create your dropshipping store today and see how easy it can be to start and run your business with Shop1 having your back!

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