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Welcome to your number one source of all you need to build your very own online marketplace. Starting a marketplace by your own includes a lot of time-consuming busy work, from registering a domain, designing a website, to finding reliable suppliers.

That is where Shop1 comes in.  Our passion is connecting marketplaces and suppliers so that everyone from the suppliers to the marketplaces to the customers are winning. And our commission-style billing methods prove it.  Shop1 takes a certain percentage of sales, which means that if you are selling and making money, then so are we.  Our entire business model depends on helping you succeed, and that is what we are committed to doing.  We handle  the back end tasks for you so that you can focus on selling and promoting your marketplace.  

Shop1 was created to reduce how much time and effort went into the back end side of the business.  We realized that a marketplace could be so much easier to create and grow if there was an easy to use  platform to work with that would help allow marketplaces to maximize their profit.

Create your online marketplace today and see how easy it can be to run your business with Shop1 having your back!

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