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What’s in the video?

Can’t play the video right now? Don’t worry, we got your back! Go through the step by step video transcription below and get to know about each and every single step we covered.


Inside of The Shop1
dropshipping dashboard:

  • Got to Shop1.com and sign in to your account.
  • Check your dropship store dashboard every day .  You will see updates for your sales, customer search keywords, view orders, manage products,  and more 


What people are
searching for online?

  • You’re able to see what keywords your customers are using to find items on your site so you can edit the keywords attached to your product items to match
  • Lets you increase your SEO for marketing
  • Lets you see which items people are wanting so your store is fresh with the current trends



The latest orders tab is very cool because this will actually link to your sales tab where you have the orders in the aspect that if you want to just view a specific order this is a great place to do it.



In the sales tab you can see:

  • The order status so you know if it’s shipped and paid. whole deal of this is it’s very interactive and let you know what’s going on with that order and it gives you customer information, the date method of payment, and the order details in terms of what product was bought, what the unit price was, how many left and then it lets you know the the pricing. You’re going to be putting a mark up on your products so that you can make some money and that will reflect differently once we get into that point right there the other thing that we want to cover is payment reimbursement.

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