A Look Inside Your Dropshipping Dashboard

A look inside your


Check out your easy-to-use Shop1 dashboard.
Learn how to manage your online dropshipping store via our all-in-one dashboard. You customize your store to help optimize your goals.

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Inside the Shop1 dropshipping dashboard:

  • Go to Shop1.com and sign in to your account.
  • Check your dropship store dashboard every day . You will see updates for your sales, customer search keywords, view orders, manage products,  and more.
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What people are searching for online:

  • Study what keywords your customers are using to find items on your site so you can edit the keywords attached to your product items to optimize the results and increase conversion.
  • Let’s you increase your SEO for marketing
  • Lets you see which items people are wanting so your store is fresh with the current trends


Orders Track your sales:

The sales section of the dashboard let’s you see and track all of your sales and view sales details giving you valuable information on what is selling and what is slowing down.


Customize Coupons and Appearance:

Customize your store with your own custom logo, about us page, and featured items to create a unique and personalized experience for your store visitors. Utilize coupons and promotions to help drive sales and retain existing customers.

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