3 Essential Steps to Make Money from Dropshipping

make money from dropshipping

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How to Make Money with an Online Drop Shipping Business?

When starting an online business, keep the two ardent factors- scalability and profitability into consideration. Several additional overhead costs, such as shipping and packaging, take up a chunk of your profit margins. Thankfully, dropshipping creates a balance between price and quality, ensuring that customers have an enriching experience.

Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses

Like the Great Depression and The Dotcom Bubble, the world economies faced serious hits with the arrival of Covid-19. The dropshipping industry was no exception to this. This global pandemic has led to certain drastic lifestyle transformations. Interestingly, there arrived a sudden surge in online shopping as compared to the retail stores. 

E-commerce businesses witnessed more sales than ever before. However, this sudden boost also created several supply chain challenges for the online companies that didn’t have reliable drop shippers. On the flip side, many brick and mortar businesses had to shut down. Well-known brands like the Aldo Group, J. Crew, Zara, etc., had to close some of their retail locations or file for bankruptcy. Nobody prepared themselves to face such impromptu challenges.  

Here are some ways you could make money with an online drop shipping business. You should know how to make money dropshipping to avail the benefits:

1. Identify the Areas of Want

A successful online business is the one that identifies the needs of the customers and converts them into a product or a service. For a product to be a cash cow or a star, it should solve a problem, have an impeccable quality, go with the prevailing trend, etc. 

Specific consumers desire various types of products at a certain point in time. Smart people in business see those changing times as business opportunities. In times of new trends or sudden surges in demand, people in the industry should seize that opportunity to update their product line accordingly. For example, Covid-19 somewhat remains the best example to portray an increasing demand for health and hygiene products.

2. Plan Unique Marketing Strategies

Brand awareness is an essential element for the functioning of a successful online business. Marketing facilitates to boost your website traffic, generate leads, acquire customers, and thus drive sales. It also aids in staying ahead of your competition. Here are some marketing strategies that will help you boost your online business:

  • PPC Campaigns:
    Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In a PPC model, the business pays the advertisement publisher a fee for each click of an ad. PPC advertising is a productive way to drive traffic, improve visibility, and thus increase conversions.
  • Email Marketing: Many companies collect personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers from their users. Companies use such information to send updates, newsletters, and other promotional information to their potential customers. Email Marketing is a useful tool for brand building, conversions, and remarketing, amongst others.
  • Social Media Marketing: With the world hooked onto Social Media today, social media marketing helps engage customers and build relationships. Social Media is a great way to promote your business and to increase your brand recognition. Facebook and Instagram are some popular Social Media Marketing channels that you can’t underestimate in the current context.

Each marketing strategy bases on a set of desired goals. It is essential to track and monitor the ads’ effectiveness to ensure that your Ad campaign perfectly meets the desired marketing goals. In the case of multiple advertisements, you must ensure that your Ad is reaching out to the correct audiences. Online advertising platforms remain equipped with various practical analytical tools that can make post-campaign analysis easier and effective.

3. Focus on the Website Quality

Having a quality website is pivotal for an online business, especially in conversions and overall customer experience. Below are some essential pointers to keep in mind concerning the website quality:

  • Quality Products: Good quality products facilitate increasing both credibility and conversions. You must ensure mentioning the products’ materials and quality to offer in the product description section on your website. Also, add a section that displays the Shipping Speed and the expected delivery date. This would help your potential customers make an informed decision when placing an order.
  • Site Quality: If a website is not user-friendly, crashes every two minutes, takes too much time to load, etc., then you may lose out on your potential revenues. A high-quality website helps in gaining credibility, besides increasing your site ranking as well as increasing conversions.
  • Quality Features: The main aim of building a quality website is to provide potential customers with a hassle-free experience. Some great features of a quality website include an intuitive search and navigation, attractive and functional sliders, promotion bars, useful content, and much more.
  • Safe and quality Checkout: A quality checkout experience helps the shoppers to view their cart from different places on the website. During online transactions, you must assure the customers that you are using a safe payment gateway and ensuring a secure checkout option. Such measures will decrease the risk of shopping cart abandonment and will increase the chances of conversion.
  • Dropshipping: Building a drop shipping platform is a boon in disguise for online businesses these days. Through drop shipping, online companies can directly contact their drop shippers to ship the products to the customers without holding any inventory. Your awareness about how to make money dropshipping will pave the way for a new dawn. Drop shippers eliminate the need for the middlemen such as wholesalers and suppliers, which reduces your shipping costs.

Having a drop shipping platform catering to your shipping requirements increases your profit margins by reducing your overhead costs. is the world’s only all-in-one dropshipping automation platform, thus taking care of even the complex processes like order fulfillment, inventory sync, payment gateway, etc. Having suppliers from the United States assures faster delivery, better quality, and seamless experience for both the business owners and customers.


Shop1 Business

To make money online through drop shipping, you need first to pick a niche that satisfies the customers’ needs. The next step is promoting your business through effective marketing strategies. However, none of this is sufficient until you have a good quality website that is user-friendly and hassle-free. 

Dropshipping with Shop1 makes it easier for the eCommerce businesses to ship the products to their customers through an end-to-end automated system. Business owners can finally focus on their long-term goals of constant growth and expansion.

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Laurel Price