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Ready to expand your business online but held back by the logistics?

Shop1 has you covered!  With Shop1 you can set up your very own marketplace with our easy to use website creator.  Shop1 will handle all of the logistics from website management and suppliers all the way to payment processing and shipping while you work to promote your marketplace and sell. Start your very own online marketplace today using the three easy steps below

You are three steps away from your very own marketplace! Follow the steps below to get started.

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What would you like to sell?

Choose a category of products you can sell best. Don’t worry about the inventory or supply chain!


Shop1 will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to get your marketplace up and selling!

If you’re a supplier and looking to increase your sales, you’r at the right place. Shop1 can connect you to a network of marketplaces that can help you sell your products. 

You can absolutely start for free, yet you need more, check Shop1’s professional and enterprise services ! 

Simple, Fast and Free !

Full Site customization

We offer a customization experience that lets you make your site with a variety of options that will grab the eye of your customer! 

Suppliers Ready and Available to you

With our supplier list, you won’t have a problem finding products for your marketplace.

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